What is an MCLE Single Activity Provider?

A Single Activity Provider (SAP) is approved to hold an educational program or activity once or the same approved program without any changes multiple times for two years after approval. A provider may request California MCLE credit approval by submitting a State Bar of California MCLE Single Activity Provider application. An approved provider may then grant California MCLE credit to attorneys by using a State Bar of California Certificate of Attendance.

Submitting an MCLE Single Activity Provider application

To be approved, you must fill out a Single Activity Provider application and submit it with an agenda that provides length of time, the title, a brief description of the program or activity, the names and biographies (resumes) of each speaker and all other required documents listed under the Submission Checklist on the application along with a $75 check for processing.

The review process may take up to six weeks. If we have any questions during the reviewing process, we will contact you. A letter approving the program or activity will be sent by email to the MCLE contact person listed on the application.

You may submit your application before or after the activity takes place, but if instruction is given before approval is granted, you will not be able to tell participants that they will receive credit until you have received an approval letter from the MCLE Provider Certification Department.

Also, if your activity is held before you receive an approval letter from the State Bar, you must notify attendees that you have not yet recieved State Bar approval. In this case, you must provide this written notice to attendees: “An application requesting MCLE credit for this activity is pending for approval by the State Bar of California.”

You may take attendance on the State Bar’s Record of Attendance and hand out State Bar Evaluation Forms, but you may not issue Certificates of Attendance until your program is approved. If your application is approved after the activity is held, you can send out certificates of credit dated retroactively as of the date of the program by any delivery method you choose.