Applying for Single Activity Provider Status

What is a Single Activity Provider?

Single Activity Providers can hold a one-time event or a number of repeat presentations of the same activity.

An education provider may request California MCLE credit approval for an activity by submitting a State Bar of California MCLE Single Activity Provider application. If approved, the provider may then issue California MCLE credit to California attendees by using State Bar MCLE Provider forms.

Submitting an MCLE Single Activity Provider Application

To request California MCLE credit approval for an activity, you need to fill out a Single Activity Provider application and submit it with a timed agenda that includes topics and brief descriptions of activities, the names and bios (or résumés) of speakers, other required documents listed on page 2 of the application and a check for $75.

The review process will take up to six weeks. If we have any questions during the review, we will contact you. Approval letters are sent by email to the MCLE contact person listed on the first page of the application. This approval means you can provide that activity for two years.

You may submit your application before or after the activity takes place, but you will not be able to give participants credit until you receive an approval letter from the State Bar’s MCLE Provider Certification Department.

If your activity is held before you receive a letter from the State Bar, you must notify attendees that you do not yet have official State Bar approval with the following message: “An application requesting MCLE credit for this activity is pending for approval by the State Bar of California.” You may take attendance on the State Bar’s Record of Attendance and hand out State Bar Evaluation Forms, but you cannot issue Certificates of Attendance until you receive State Bar approval. If your application is approved after the activity is held, you can send out certificates of credit retroactively by any delivery method, including through the mail, email and fax.

Additional Instructions and Information

  • If you request “Legal Ethics” MCLE credit, please note on your agenda to which rules of professional conduct for attorneys you will be referring. The "California Rules of Professional Conduct” can be found on the State Bar website. The American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct can be found on the ABA website.
  • In addition to requesting approval for the legal content of a presentation, a provider may request MCLE credit for welcoming remarks, introductions of instructors, closing remarks and question and answer periods.
  • However, providers can NOT issue MCLE credit approval for registration, vendor exhibits, demonstrations, breaks or rest periods over five minutes, mealtimes without a scheduled speaker, receptions, evaluations, tours, certificates and/or awards or vendor demonstrations. MCLE activities must not include topics on marketing, obtaining new clients, increasing a firm’s income, networking or non-legal functions such as business, company or committee meetings.
  • Substantive written materials, which are required if your activity is longer than 60 minutes, should be materials that augment the class discussion with citations to legal authorities (statutes, case law) so that attendees have useful information that they can reference if they want to learn more. We will contact you during the review if we find that insufficient written materials are available.


MCLE Provider Forms

  • Record of Attendance: Providers will need to take attendance using the State Bar’s attendance forms (for electronically transmitted activities an electronic signature is acceptable). Attorneys should sign in with their name and bar number. Providers are required to keep all records, including the attendance forms, agenda, copies of written materials and promotional materials (if any) for four years.
  • Evaluation Form: Providers will need to make evaluation forms available to all attorneys. If any of the forms are filled out and returned to you, then providers will need to keep them for one year.
  • Certificate of Attendance: Providers will need to hand out attendance certificates to the attendees after filling out the top half of the certificate. Providers do not need to keep copies of attendance certificates.

Providers do not need to send any records to the State Bar of California unless specifically requested to do so.

Attorneys will keep their certificates of attendance and report their MCLE compliance to the State Bar at the end of their compliance period. If the State Bar audits an attorney, we will request the copies of her/his certificates. To verify that the attorney’s name is on a provider's record of attendance, an auditor will look at the certificate to find contact information for the provider, and you may be contacted.

Applying for Multiple Activity Provider Status

You may apply for Multiple Activity Provider (MAP) status (blanket authorization) if the State Bar approves four separate and different education activities during a two-year period immediately preceding your application. The benefit of multiple activity status is that it you are authorized to offer MCLE activities and issue credit without submitting a number of single-activity applications to the State Bar.

The cost for MAP status is $200 for the first period, which dates from the time the State Bar receives your application to Dec. 31 of the following year. After that, fees for each three-year period are $300. To renew your MAP status, you must hold at least four activities within the two-year period before renewing.

You can request a multiple activity application by sending an email to More information about multiple activity provider requirements is on the State Bar website.