Applying for Multiple Activity Status

What is a MCLE Multiple Activity Provider?

"MCLE Multiple Activity Providers" are given blanket authorization for a specific period to offer California MCLE credit for legal education activities. Each legal education activity must meet the standards for approval in the MCLE Provider Rules. Multiple Activity Providers are not required to submit individual education activities to California for approval.

Qualifying for MCLE Multiple Activity Provider Status

A provider may apply for "Multiple Activity Provider Status" upon completion of the following requirements:

  1. submit Single Activity Provider Applications and receive approval from California to offer MCLE credit for four separate and different education activities that were held on four different dates; and
  2. grant California MCLE credit for all four activities held within a two-year period immediately preceding the date of signing the application.

Only after completion of these two requirements may a Single Activity Provider apply for "Multiple Activity Provider Status." A provider must have actually held the four different activities, which must vary in title and content and may not be a repeat presentation of the same program. A workshop where the contents of the workshop vary based on the needs of the participants is not considered a "repeat presentation" and requires separate approval.

Multiple Activity Provider Status is beneficial to providers who hold a number of different activities, as opposed to Single Activity Providers who hold a one-time event or a number of repeat presentations of the same activity.

Application Form

The application for Multiple Activity Provider status is not available on the website so that providers who are not eligible to apply do not have access to the application. When you meet the qualifications for Multiple Activity Provider status, contact us to request a form.

It is important to retain copies of Notification of Approval letters issued by the State Bar for each single education activity approved for credit, as four of those letters must be attached to the application for Multiple Activity Provider status.

Application Fee

A non-refundable processing fee of $200 must be submitted with each application.

Approval Period-Provider Approval Year

MCLE Multiple Activity Providers initially are approved for some or all of a "provider approval year" that extends from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31. If your application is approved in January, your first approval period will expire on December 31 of the following year.


To remain current, Multiple Activity Providers must renew their status on or before the date that the approval period expires. A renewal form will be sent to the contact person and address that was last provided to the State Bar.