Applying for Multiple Activity Status

What is an MCLE Multiple Activity Provider?

A Multiple Activity Provider (MAP) is an approved provider that is given authority to offer and grant credit to all forms of permissible MCLE activities without first submitting separate applications requesting prior approval for each program offered.

You may apply for Multiple Activity Provider status only after the State Bar has approved four separate and different educational activities you have offered no more than two years prior to the date your Multiple Activity Provider application is submitted.

The application fee for MAP status is $200. When approved, a provider’s MAP status runs from the time the State Bar receives your application until December 31 of the following year.

Renewing your Multiple Activity Provider status

An approved provider may renew its MAP status for a three-year period. To remain current, Multiple Activity Providers must renew their status on or before the date that the approval period expires. A renewal form will be sent to the last contact person and address provided to the State Bar. Please contact the State Bar if your provider contact information needs to be updated or if you have not received the form.

The renewal fee for MAP status is $300. To renew your MAP status, you must offer at least four different activities within the two-year period prior to seeking renewal.