Evaluate Credit

Calculating credit hours

Credit hours are computed based on actual time spent in legal education instruction (actual speaking time, actual time spent viewing a legal education program by video recordings, or listening to audio recordings, the actual time spent preparing materials for publication, and the actual time spent attending a law school class). Hours are rounded up or down to the nearest quarter hour and expressed in decimals.

Formula: Actual time spent in legal education activity ÷ 60 = Credit Hours

California members do NOT receive credit for break periods, lunch periods, and any non-legal education functions (networking, company business meetings, tours, demonstrations, etc.).

Types of credit

All credit hours are classified as “participatory” or “self-study.” Self-study credit refers to self-verified participation in a legal education activity. (Go to Education Options for more information.)

Credit hours may be designated as subfield credit hours in the areas of:

  • Legal ethics
  • Competence issues
  • Recognition and elimination of bias in the legal profession and society

(Go to Qualifying Activities for information on activities eligible for subfield credit hours.)