Administration Requirements

General administrative requirements which apply to all providers:

  • Certify that a particular activity relates to legal subjects (except for substance abuse courses) that have "significant current professional or practical content" directly relevant to members
  • Official records of attendance, which must state the name and bar number of the member, title of the activity, time, date, location, and amount of California approved education credit offered, including a breakdown of credit offered for required subjects, if any
  • Maintain records of attendance for four years and evaluation forms for one year after members have taken the activity
  • Notify when making any changes to the entity name, address, or contact person

Advertising an Activity

Requirements regarding the listing or advertising of an activity:

  • A program cannot use the MCLE approval statement until an application or the program has received approval. A provider may state that an activity is "pending" approval in between the time an application is submitted and before a decision has been made
  • Rule 3.601 (C) requires that promotional materials state that the activity is approved or approval is pending, specify the amount of credit offered, and the amount, if any, of subfield credit
  • If an individual education program is denied, the provider must immediately delete any MCLE statement from all materials to be distributed after the denial and inform participants of the denial at the beginning of the program
  • In-house promotional materials must contain the information required by Rule 3.601 (C) (that the activity is approved or approval is pending, the amount of credit offered, and the amount of subfield credit, if any); however, not all in-house materials must contain the approval statement, for example, a reminder memorandum does not have to contain this information