Education Approval

To qualify as legal education, an education program must be directly relevant to current and active members of the State Bar. A significant portion of the content of the program must enhance the member's professional ability to practice law and be directly relevant to the member's current knowledge of the law, including the member's obligations and professional standards.

  • Go to Education Options for a description of the kinds of activities eligible for approval.
  • Go to Qualifying Activities for information on the criteria used to evaluate an activity for approval.

Ways Education Activities can be approved for California MCLE Credit

Individual Activity Approval


If you are a provider who has never offered an education activity for California MCLE credit, this is the type of approval you are seeking, as providers must have a certain number of individual activities approved before they can qualify for Multiple Activity Provider Status.

  • If you are offering the activity outside of California, go to Approved Jurisdictions to see if you need to submit the activity for approval.
  • If you are offering the activity in one of the areas in which Legal Specialization credit can be offered, consider applying for Legal Specialization credit. Go to Provider Search for a list of the areas in which legal specialization credit is offered. See below for more information on Legal Specialization approval.

If an education activity can be approved for California MCLE credit, but has not been approved by any of the methods listed above, an individual attorney can submit a Member Credit Request form to request MCLE credit for his or her individual attendance at an education activity.

Multiple Activity Provider Status

California MCLE Multiple Activity Providers are given blanket authorization, during their approval period, to offer for California MCLE credit education activities that meet the standards for approval in Rule 3.601 of the MCLE Provider Rules. They are not required to submit individual education activities to California for approval.

Providers must qualify to submit an application for Multiple Activity Provider Status. Go to:

California Legal Specialization Credit

Education activities approved for California legal specialization credit automatically qualify for California MCLE credit. The California Legal Specialization program offers both Multiple Activity Provider Status and individual education activity approval (applications are available online). Members can use Provider Search to find Legal Specialization Multiple Activity Providers in a particular practice area in which legal specialization credit is offered.

California Credit Based on Approval by Approved Jurisdiction

Neither the provider nor the member need to submit the activity to California for approval, if the activity meets all of the following criteria:

Automatic Approval (No Application Required)

Two limited types of activities (teaching and attending law school classes and writing published legal material) are automatically approved for credit if they meet criteria spelled out in the MCLE Rules [2.80, 2.82, 2.83(c)]. (Go to Education Options for more information.)