MCLE Provider Information

The State Bar approves providers and education activities for California MCLE credit.

A "Provider" is an individual or entity approved by the State Bar to grant MCLE credit for an education activity. There are two types of providers:

  1. A "Single Activity Provider" is approved to grant credit for a single MCLE activity after submitting an application for its approval in accordance with State Bar procedures and paying the appropriate processing fee.
  2. A "Multiple Activity Provider" is approved to grant credit for any MCLE activity that complies with the terms of the Multiple Activity Provider Agreement.
  3. To qualify as legal education, an education program must be directly relevant to current and active members of the State Bar. A significant portion of the content of the program must enhance the member's professional ability to practice law and be directly relevant to the member's current knowledge of the law, including the member's obligations and professional standards.

MCLE rules

Providers Rules of the State Bar, Title 3, Div. 5, Ch. 1
Attorneys Rules of the State Bar, Title 2, Div. 4

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