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MCLE Rules

MCLE Rules - Attorneys (effective July 1, 2014)
Rules of the State Bar, Title 2, Div. 4

MCLE Rules - Providers (effective July 1, 2014)
Rules of the State Bar, Title 3, Div. 5, Ch. 1

California's MCLE program is the result of a process that began in 1989, when Governor Deukmejian signed into law Senate Bill 905 (Davis), the continuing legal education bill. (SB 905 added Section 6070 to the Business and Professions Code.) The 1989 legislation required the State Bar to request the California Supreme Court to adopt a rule of court authorizing the State Bar to establish and administer an MCLE program. On December 7, 1990, the Court adopted Rule 9.31, the MCLE Rule of Court.

Rule 9.31 provides a skeletal outline of an MCLE program and authorizes the State Bar Board of Trustees to adopt more detailed rules and regulations. The MCLE Rules and Regulations (former) were approved by the Board of Trustees on December 8, 1990 and the MCLE program officially began on February 1, 1992. Current MCLE Rules (see above) became effective July 1, 2014.