Compliance Information

All attorneys (except those on voluntary Inactive status) report compliance by submitting a statement of compliance to the State Bar. Compliance may be reported online through My State Bar Profile.

The following members are subject to the MCLE education requirement and must report compliance:

  • "Active" members
  • "Not Eligible" members, who were:
    • Suspended for non-payment of Active membership fees;
    • Suspended for disciplinary reasons;
  • "Exempt" members:
    • If exempt for the entire compliance period, you must report your exemption, but you are not required to complete any education;
    • If exempt for only a portion of the compliance period, you must complete a pro-rated amount of education and report that you have done so.; or
  • Retired members whose status is listed as "Active" are subject to the MCLE requirement, regardless of whether or not they are practicing law.

Members on voluntary Inactive status do not have to accumulate MCLE hours during the period of time that they are on Inactive status, and they are not required to report compliance to the State Bar.

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Record Keeping - Proof of Compliance

The State Bar of California does not track the education hours completed by attorneys. Attorneys track their own hours and report compliance to the State Bar at the end of their three-year compliance period.

If your compliance with the MCLE requirement is audited, the following must be provided:

  • The certificates of attendance given to you by providers;
  • Your record of self-study activities including, as appropriate, the title, provider, time spent in the activity, subject matter of the activity, and the date on which you engaged in the activity; and
  • Proof of Exempt status, if applicable.

Maintain the records listed above for one year from the time compliance is reported.

Download a Personal MCLE Log form you can use to keep track of your credit hours.

Group 1 (A-G)
2/1/13 - 1/31/16
Due: 2/1/16

Group 2 (H-M)
2/1/15 - 1/31/18
Due: 2/1/18

Group 3 (N-Z)
2/1/14 - 1//31/17
Due: 3/1/17